Whitsundays Ultimate Travel Guide

things to do in whitsundays

Hayman Island One & Only Hayman Island is the perfect piece of luxury located on the highest end of Whitsunday. Hayman Island is a tropical paradise with a white sandy beach, lush palm trees, and beautiful waterways. A paradise for beach lovers, where everything is at hand to make your stay on the Whitsunday coast unforgettable. In this blog, we will take you through the things to do in Whitsundays.

No matter where you are in Whitsunday, you will be surrounded by stunning beaches and rainforests, as well as plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. The Trinity consists of 74 islands, almost all of which are inhabited, so boat trips have become the hallmark of the Trinity to get to know the Trinity. The vast majority of the islands are national parks, and major attractions include access to coral reefs for snorkelling and diving, pristine beaches, most notably Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, and clear warm aquamarine waters. Nearly every Whitsunday Island has a coral reef around its shores, and there are good snorkelling coral reefs among the 74 islands, a short boat ride from your island or mainland accommodation.

Whether you come on a day trip from Airlie Beach, stay at an island resort, or spend a couple of days cruising the scenic Whitsunday Islands, you will have an incredible visit. Sure, these are great places to visit in Australia, but for the tropical island of your dreams, there’s nothing better than the Whitsundays. If you want to get away from the modern world, immerse yourself in nature and see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, then you should visit Trinity. Whitsundays offers sunny beaches, island getaways, sailing and water sports, or just the chance to relax and unwind at one of the island resorts.

Numerous islands and surrounding reefs protect the water, making it calm and perfect for swimming or cruising to Whitehaven Beach from Abell Point Pier to Airlie Beach. There are countless things to do in Airlie Beach, it offers great accommodations and easy access to all the islands and is a great beach in its own right. This corner of paradise is considered the gateway to the Trinity and is the continental centre of the Trinity region and its 74 islands. Airlie Beach has easy access to Hamilton Island as well as Daydream Island and is probably a cheaper option than looking for affordable accommodation in the Whitsundays.

things to do in airlie beach

That being said, Trinity really does have it all: outlying islands, famous luxury resorts, the most beautiful beach in the world, the Great Barrier Reef, luxury private clubs, nature trails, and pretty much every other aquatic recreation you possibly dream of. Nestled in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday Islands are made up of 74 individual islands and visitors are sure to come across stunning beaches, and turquoise waters, no matter whatever island they visit, they will enjoy the ocean and coral reefs. You can also visit the famous Whitehaven Beach, Hill Bay, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and other Whitsunday Islands. You will take a scenic flight over Whitehaven Beach, Hill Bay, Hamilton Island, and the Great Barrier Reef before returning via Hook Sound and Sid Harbour.

These seaplane tours will take you to Whitsunday, Airlie Beach, Beit Cay, Hart Cay, Hardy Cay and Hill Inlet. The itinerary includes an island hopping tour, a visit to Airlie Beach in North Queensland, and snorkelling with tropical marine life, including stunning sea turtles. Day trips are a great option for travellers who are pressed for time but still want to experience the thrill of visiting tropical islands, exploring Whitehaven beaches and snorkelling. You can explore these idyllic islands by snorkelling, and sailing from one of the many beaches or by boat.

From day trips to the sunny Great Barrier Reef to leisurely charters around Trinity Island, sailing is perhaps the best way to explore this chain of islands. The beautiful Whitsundays are home to countless islets, atolls, bays, beaches and cliffs, and the best way to experience the region is by boat. Part of the beautiful Trinity Island, Hamilton Island is one of the few places where you can spend the night in the archipelago rather than on a boat.

Despite development, the Whitsunday Islands remain a paradise for those who want to get to the reefs and Whitehaven Beach (about 1/2 hour by boat, about 2 hours to the Great Barrier Reef), excellent accommodation, numerous restaurants, good walks on unspoiled islands. (trekking to Passage Peak is an uphill task, but as it is the highest point on the island, the views are worth it, the walk from the back of Whitehaven South Lookout to the top takes about an hour or 3 hours round trip) If you want to go hiking. Airlie Beach and some of the Whitsunday island resorts offer plenty of ways to experience the Great Barrier Reef so you can enjoy this icon in style. Best known as a hotspot. heading out to the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef, beautiful Airlie Beach has a nice laid back vibe, great restaurants, live music and a beautiful artificial lagoon.

Whitehaven Beach is the crown jewel of the Whitsundays and is consistently ranked as Australia’s best beach. Whitsundays is a dream destination for travellers and visitors, where guests come to enjoy the sun, salty breeze, tropical islands and lush coral reefs for an unforgettable vacation. A day drive or 1-hour flight south of Cairns takes you to an astounding collection of 74 islands known as the Trinity Islands. Many of these islands are uninhabited and they all offer amazing nature, adventure, peace and quiet.