Top 10 hidden places in Australia

Welcome to Australia:

We are blessed to call Australia home, not least for its endless wilderness and diverse landscapes across these lands. Often times we forget to explore and tour australia, away from the touristy buzz of the cities. Yet there’s so much of this country, many people are yet to find out about. It is time to strengthen your bucket list, with 10 of Australia’s best kept secret all-natural wonderlands.

The secret places:

1. One of the best places in tasmania is Freycinet National Park. Enjoy a luxury day spa in the wineglass bay, surrounded by trees from the north and seas from the south. Experience one of the many well protected and organic oyster farms which make up the area and taste freshness straight out of the ocean.

2. Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland. This remote and small known national park is one of Queensland’s best kept secrets. Carved out over countless years, the gorge has tall sandstone cliffs full of lush flora resulting in the flowing creek in its base. The area is home to an eclectic mixture of rainforest palms, open grasslands and a range of animal and bird species.

3. How does nature’s infinity pool sound? At Gunlom at the Kakadu National Park, a rise to the peak of the waterfall and billabong system will see you arrive in a pure infinity pool overlooking the southern area of this national park. Seriously worth the incline.

4. While everybody else flocks into Uluru and The Olgas, escape the crowds to Mungo National Park. You are going to be treated to jaw-dropping desert landscapes and camp grounds which you will probably have to yourself. The principal reason to venture from the beaten trail here is that the Walls of China, a set of daring rock formations towering over the surrounding landscape. Because of rapidly changing weather conditions, the playground could be closed at certain times of the year because of flood or fire hazard, so check before you arrive.

5. Not to be mistaken with the Walls of China at Mungo National Park mentioned previously, the Great Wall of China is a remarkable rocky ridgeline from the South Australian landscape. Actually just outside the Flinders Ranges National Park, also overlooked by the majority of the park vacationers, the Great Wall is a killer place to look at the encompassing ranges and makes for a superb sunset watch spot, the reddish earth illuminating from the golden hour.

6. At the core of the wild, untouched Kimberley area, El Questro, situated on El Questro cattle station, puts you directly in the center of the landscape. With some 700,000 acres of land, the majority of which is yet to be researched, El Castro is a sanctuary of swimming holes, epic mountain ranges and amazing vistas, it is a once in a lifetime chance to see among the planet’s true closing frontiers.

7. On a rocky outcrop at the Croajingolong National Park, Point Hicks lighthouse has the atmosphere of being completely deserted from anywhere, largely because it is. Only about 6 hours from Melbourne, visitors can remain in the lighthouse keepers cottages, or camp at the park. For so much as the eye could see there’s nothing but rugged, windswept shore, bushland and sea. Explore huge sand dunes, bush walk, fish, kayak or surf across the pristine shore.

8. Located inside the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, this shore boasts pristine turquoise waters, crisp white sand and rocky mountains lining the bay. Both Peoples Bay Heritage Trail is worth the stroll to get magnificent views from the headland across the shore and seas to the northwest. Get to Small Beach by car, 35 kilometers east of Albany. Have an Australia day picnic on the shore, but minus the city audiences.

9. While this one is not popular with the natives, most traffic to Hobart would not have a clue that these fern- and – volcano – engulfed waterfalls exist close to the city. At the base of Mount Wellington, only 15-minutes walk in the street, Secret Falls shed around three metres down a narrow crevice. If you’re searching for a dose of tranquillity in character but do not have a great deal of time, these drops are an ideal antidote right by town.

10. Situated 9 kilometres off the shore of Narooma on the New South Wales South Coast, Montague Island is a mostly flat, continental island, home to two chief attractions: Small Penguins and Fur Seals. You are able to remain on the island in the old lighthouse keepers’ cottages and it’s also a superb vantage point to observe that the yearly humpback whale migration.