The History of Cuba’s Cigars

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The word Cuba is synonymous with the word Cigar. Cuban Cigars have etched their notoriety within the Cigar world and are well regarded as the best quality and most sought-after Cigar in the world. These cigars hold a rich history that has contributed to their highly sought nature. Part of the mysticism of Cuban cigars is that they are only available in the US because of the embargo signed by J.F.K. in 1962. But with the recent easing of restrictions, Americans can now buy Cuban cigars and bring them to the United States. Cuban cigars are prestigious and come at a high price as a result of the high-class status that is associated with them. 

Across the world, buying authentic Cuban’s can be difficult as there is a large counterfeit market. Some experts believe that 95% of Cuban cigars in the United States are fake. As a result of this, sourcing legitimate Cigars from Cuba can be extremely difficult, it is always best to purchase Cigars through a verified seller. The best place to buy authentic Cuban cigars is in the UK, where they are inspected by the exclusive Habanos importer Hunters Frankau. In Spain, you are also able to get the best of Havana’s official La Casa del Habanos, a government-approved retail outlet that sells authentic Cigars from Cuba. Duty-free shops are a haven for authentic Cuban cigars, in these shops, you can find an array of Habanos products including the coveted Montecristo cigar.

At the same time, there are milder Cuban brands such as H. Upmann, Sancho, and Panza. Who specializes in Cohiba Cigars. The main characteristics of Cuban and Cohiba cigars are strength and complexity. At a blind tasting, Cuban Cigars often stand out and are easily picked out for their unique characteristics.

Richey Morin, a cigar aficionado, claims the first thing to consider about the world’s best cigars is that four factors make them unique. These are the soil on which they are grown, the climate of the region in which they were grown, handicrafts, and the variety of black tobacco used. Cuban tobacco growers claim that the most fundamental influence on the quality of the Cigar is the unique region environmental factors that influence the harvest.

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In the Pinar del Rio region, the leading Cuban tobacco region, there is a difference in quality between growers and their neighbors. There are excellent tobacco farms in other parts of the world, but the fact is that Pinar del Rio tobacco leaves are highly prized by cigar lovers around the world because they contain the highest quality tobacco leaves.

Indeed, some lovers claim that certain Nicaraguan cigars are of higher quality than their Cuban rivals. Cuba is synonymous with cigars from rival producers. For the casual smoker, nothing beats the allure of Cuban cigars.

Cuban cigars have a reputation as one of the most opulent tobacco products in the world. A box of good quality Habanos can cost thousands of dollars, while a hand-rolled Cuban cigar can cost more than $500 per Cigar.

The early 1990s brought the glory of old Cuban cigars, according to cigar lovers. A few things happened, fuelled by fertilizer shortages and bad weather, that experimental new tobacco hybrids were ill-fated attempts to ramp up production. Cuban cigar makers began growing tobacco in areas that were not well suited to the curing, which resulted in a decline in quality. As such older Cigars are much more sought after and highly regarded due to this shift in quality.