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In this post, we are going to look at tips on camping in the cold – especially if you are planning to go hunting in the backcountry. Sure, the idea of camping in the dead of winter might seem intimidating – especially when planning a backcountry hunt. When hunting and camping in the cold, it helps to do some of your housekeeping chores at night, once you are back at your campsite.

With the right gear and camp systems, it is pretty easy to turn your campsite into an oasis away from home. With the right gear and organization, your truck can be transformed into a comfy, but versatile, basecamp for hunting. Unlike camping in the back of your truck, in rooftop tents, or vans, you can leave the back of the truck set up as a basecamp, which leaves the truck available for driving to various hunting locations. The combination of sleeping quarters, gear storage, and portability makes a do-it-yourself truck bed camp the ultimate accommodation for public lands hunters.

Even better, you can park directly on public lands where you would like to hunt, sometimes even positioning yourself for a view of potential hunting spots straight out of camp. You can check out tons of great campgrounds, such as the Cowboy Camp Campground, through the Bureau of Land Management.

For extended trips, I almost always use a roof box while planning to arrange camping equipment in Australia, that holds things like camping chairs, packs, archery targets, and other miscellaneous big equipment. I can generally pack all of my hunting gear and clothes into one drawer, and all my camping, sleeping, and cooking accessories into another. By having two heavy-duty, pull-out drawers that run the length of my truck bed, I can keep all my camping and hunting gear organized neatly and readily available, all the while keeping my truck bed free to be used as sleeping space and living area.

If I do not need specific items of gear to go on an afternoon hunting trip from my campsite out in the backcountry, I leave extras in my tent. My custom Excel Gear List supports the Timberline Backcountry Hunting Season of August & September. It is also a good idea to create several copies of your customized gear list; one for the early season, one for the October hunt, and one for the November hunt. This list will be revised periodically so it remains a current list of backpacking gear of the best, lightweight gear on the market, which I believe is necessary for a hunt.

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While my gear list nails down all the things I need on the hunt, the weather ends up playing a massive role in what I pack. Of all of the gear in this list, one of the things that are going to save your ass at some point is the OnX Hunting Map app.

Not only does the OnX Hunting map show where you are located (which you can pre-download to the hunting zone), but it also shows you the boundaries of land, the legal areas for hunting, and areas that are off-limits. Do not be caught trespassing, poaching, or having no idea where you are on a mountain, just by downloading a map. While preparing to go hunting, buy a hunting license, sight-in your rifle or bow that you will use, and obtain any necessary permissions from the landowners of the areas that you wish to hunt.

Make sure to pick out an all-purpose hunting knife, as well as one that is fairly easy to transport. Classic hunting knives, such as Mossy Oak knife sets, are rugged and versatile — ideal for any outdoor environment. When it comes to hunting deer, Ruger Americans and Timber Classic Marlin are two of the best shotguns you can get these days.

It is one of the most essential, if not best, pieces of hunting gear that every person needs to carry in the field. One thing that could aid your security when out in the woods or the wild is to have the proper tools, and these can be found at outlets such as Israel Defense Store. Some hi-tech hunting items could make your next hunting trip safer, more enjoyable, and more effective. As technology continues to advance, there are several dependable high-techs for hunters that a devoted hunter can utilize to simplify the process.

One of the more important inconveniences is that all of this hi-tech hunter outdoor equipment could potentially run out of juice. While lights are useful for getting to and from a deer stand or hunting blind, it can be hard to handle them while carrying your guns, bows, or other hunting equipment.

Additionally, a headlamp frees your hands, allowing you to more efficiently carry your gun and other hunting equipment. Whether you are a novice or a veteran hunter, it is going to be a safer, more comfortable, and more fulfilling adventure if you have all of your basic gear packed. I am looking for the best lightweight backpack/hunting gear, and if it makes me a better hunter, or makes the pack lighter, without sacrificing anything, then I may consider using it. I enjoy using a pack that is light but still holds up to the weight of packing out meat after a successful hunt.

Invest in quality hunting gear, including jackets and boots, and opt for clothing with insulation. For instance, if you are hunting during the summer, you will want comfortable gear made from cotton; if you are hunting in the winter, you will want to avoid this same clothing ensemble, as cotton can pull heat from your body.